The latest 3CX iOS App officially release

The ability to effectively communicate with clients, colleagues, and partners is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment. Businesses now have a potent tool at their disposal to automate their communication processes with 3CX but with the official launch of the brand-new 3CX iOS App. The new app offers a variety of cutting-edge features and enhancements that make managing calls, chats, and video conferences simple, even while on the go. It was created to meet the changing needs of modern professionals. The purpose of the app is here to revolutionize the way you connect and collaborate, whether you’re a remote worker, a traveling entrepreneur, or simply someone who values seamless communication. In this we will be focusing on the latest 3CX iOS App officially release, so let’s dive in!

3CX is thrilled to announce that the brand-new 3CX iOS App is now accessible via the App Store and has officially been released. This app is intended to improve your experience with business communication thanks to its sleek design and improved functionality. We’ll go over the main capabilities of the 3CX iOS App in this blog post, emphasizing how it makes call management simple and keeps you connected wherever you are.

Easy Multiple Call Management:

With the help of the 3CX App multi-call management features, managing multiple calls is now a breeze. The app offers a scrollable list of callers so you can quickly see who is trying to reach you, whether you have calls waiting for you or are receiving them right now. Each call has a unique status icon that clearly shows whether it is an incoming call or on hold. You can prioritize and move calls to the active call window with just one tap, ensuring effective call handling

Current Status Updates:

Knowing the availability of your contacts is essential for effective communication. The 3CX iOS App introduces real-time status updates, displaying the availability of the person you are about to call. This feature provides valuable insights into whether they are available to talk, ensuring you can reach out at the most convenient time.

New Dialer:

The dialer has been updated in the 3CX iOS App, giving it a new, contemporary look. You can quickly recognize and connect with the appropriate contacts thanks to intuitive features like the capability to check someone’s availability before calling them and the display of the caller’s avatar during a conversation. You can multitask effectively with improved navigation functionality, which ensures smooth changes between various screens.

Better Call Bar:

The 3CX App makes it easier for you to multitask while on a call. While still on the call, you can access previous screens by tapping the top-left back button. Simply tap the green call bar visible at the top of the screen to return to the dialer. With this feature, you can easily continue chatting and using the app even when a call is active.


Along with the noteworthy features already mentioned, the new 3CX iOS App also includes several enhancements and bug fixes. A seamless experience across various iOS devices is ensured by the user interface’s optimization for smaller devices. The integration of the microphone with iOS 16 Control Centre settings improves the audio quality of calls. Additionally, iOS 14 and iOS 15 compatibility issues have been resolved, ensuring seamless performance on the newest operating systems. With the 3CX App, enter a new era of mobile communication and elevate your business communication. Download the app to enjoy seamless communication no matter where you are.  The most recent 3CX iOS App offers a streamlined and simple experience that redefines business communication on mobile devices.

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