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When it comes to PBX management, the idea of security roles is critical for making sure that everyone has access to the tools they need—without having access to all the tools they don’t. That’s why 3CX makes it easy to define access controls, allowing you to grant or restrict specific privileges and tasks.If you want to make your business’s phone system as simple to manage as possible, Then 3cx is for you! This PBX solution offers 7 unique security roles that not only make it easier to manage, but also add an extra layer of protection.

3CX uses 7 unique roles for PBX management: 

  • User Role
  • Receptionist
  • Group Administrator
  • Manager
  • Owner
  • System Administrator
  • System Owner.

Each of these roles have their own set of privileges so that users can be limited in their access and effectively perform their jobs with minimal disruptions. By leveraging these powerful security roles, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that each user has exactly the right level of access needed. With 3CX’s role-based system, your team can easily stay organised and ensure that security remains a top priority at all times!

Let’s take a look at what 7 security role has to offer:

1. User Role

The most basic role. Can see the presence of other users. The user role is the most basic security role in 3cx PBX management but can still do a lot. It allows users to see the present of others, make and receive calls, handle voicemails, and access call history records. This makes it perfect for those who are looking for a simpler solution. Plus, the user role is completely customizable depending on what other users need access to. It can also be configured with different levels of access controls so that users only see what they need to see—no more, no less! And with this level of control, you can be sure that everyone has the right amount of information.

2. Receptionist

It can override office hours open, break and close, for the Groups that they are a member of. If you’re looking for a convenient and secure way to manage a PBX, the Receptionist role in 3CX might be just what you need! This role is ideal when you have a receptionist who needs to override regular office hours and be able to open, break, and close groups that they are part of. Here’s what the Receptionist role can do: Open, break and close groups that they are part of, Override regular office hours when needed, View the current status of each group, Monitor group activity in real-time, Make changes to group settings when needed.

3. Group Administrator

A Group Administrator will have access to the “Admin” view. Group Administrators cannot view any reports or recordings also they can’t listen in. As a Group Administrator, you’ll have access to the “Admin” view. This will give you the ability to manage user and extension settings, as well as generate reports on everything from active extensions and call logs to device status and historical reports. You can also setup queues, hunt groups, call routing policies, user management and much more. Plus, for added security, Group Administrators are unable to access recordings or reports—nor can they Listen in or Barge in on calls with out-of-the-box permissions. However, if the System Administrator allows it, these features can be enabled for Group Administrators as needed.

4. Manager

This role also has an “Admin” view in the Web Client. Here the Manager can configure user settings such as Call Forwarding. He/she can create Users and elevate roles. As a manager, you’ll have access to an “Admin” view in the 3CX Web Client. Here, you can easily adjust user settings like call forwarding, as well as create users and elevate roles. It couldn’t be simpler! In short, the Manager role lets you manage your PBX system with ease – leaving you to focus on what really matters: providing exceptional customer service.

5. Owner

Owner can perform things that a Group Admin and also a Manager can do. It’s established for the owners of the companies. Owners can also Barge in Whisper. As an Owner, you have the freedom to do everything a Group Administrator or Manager can do, as well as additional powerful permissions. Owners are typically meant for those who own companies or departments, so they can also Barge in, Listen in or Whisper with ease. To safeguard your business from any potential threats, 3CX offers security enhancements at the Owner level such as: ability to manage multiple extensions and accounts, ability to monitor agents’ calls and performance, ability to set up automated call routing for incoming calls, access to robust reports on call activity and user presence.

6. System Administrator

A System Administrator can view everything of all the groups and SIP trunks, even if they aren’t a part of that group. System Administrators cannot Barge in. The System Administrator role in 3CX PBX is ideal for organisations of any size. As the name suggests, they can see everything—from all the groups to all SIP trunks and more—even if they’re not part of a specific group. But there’s an interesting twist: with this role, you won’t be able to Barge in. The System Administrator has several powerful controls at their disposal: They can set up new users or edit existing ones, Modify or restrict access to features like Hot Desking, Monitor usage reports, track remote endpoints, and manage the system’s general settings, Set up user roles that determine which features each user can access, Access the detailed log files for each user or group.

7. System Owner

System Owner can do everything a System Administrator can do AND Barge in, Listen in and view recordings and reports. A System Owner is the one who elevates users to the System Administration. If you’re looking for unrivalled PBX control, then a System Owner is the way to go! As the ultimate authority, this role gives you all of the capabilities that a System Administrator has – and then some. For example, a System Owner can:

  • Barge in and listen to conversations between users using the ‘Barge In’ feature
  • View all recordings and reports generated in the system
  • Elevate any user to a System Administrator, or completely delete their account if necessary
  • Perform all other administrative tasks related to 3CX.  Plus, this role grants an individual with unrestricted access to system settings – meaning they can make all of the necessary changes to ensure that the system runs smoothly. With so much control at your fingertips, managing a PBX system has never been easier!

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