About 3CX Live Chat Setup and its Installation

The 3CX live chat software offers you to answer messages and calls from website visitors directly from 3CX. Unlike other live chats where more than 50% of queries can’t be solved due to no better understanding between agent and customer. In 3CX if the agent wishes they can change the live chat into a call for better understanding, to keep you updated blogs related to 3CX are regularly posted here.

Team IHA stands for I Have Answer, and to offer what is being said, you could read regular updates and information about 3CX here. Still have any doubt, get in touch with us.

How to Install 3CX Live Chat?

On well-known platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, and Weebly, a plug-in called 3CX Live Chat is available and simple to install. The plugin’s configuration options allow for a wide range of customization features and tools once it has been downloaded and installed. 

Requirement for 3CX Live Chat Setup

  • Startup with V18 Update 5, StartUP users and Dedicated instances are covered by this manual. 
  • Update 4 instances will require the Management Console to set up live chat, but the features and options are limited, so we advise upgrading to Update 5. 
  • Existing installations of live chat made before V18 Update 4 will require reconfiguration. In order to give administrators time to migrate, older installations will be kept in the PBX’s “Facebook & SMS” section. To accomplish this, adhere to steps 1 and 2 below and change the URL and HTML code on your website to the new versions. Delete the previous installations from the PBX once you’re finished. 
  • Version 10.0.4 or higher is required for the 3CX Live Chat WordPress plugin.

Here is the Steps to Install 3CX Live Chat

Step-1 Add Live Chat in 3CX


  1. Skip this step if you have already configured your live chat during the sign up process. If you have skipped it or want to add a new live chat configuration follow these steps;
  2. Proceed to step 2.


To add & configure live chat, a user with ‘System Administration’ advantages needs to log in on the 3CX Web Client. 

  1. Log in onto your 3CX Web Client and go to “Admin > Voice & chat”, select “+ Add live chat”.
  2. Proceed to step 2.

Step-2 Customization

When you click “Save,” changes are immediately effective, updating your preferences at a later date is simple and quick. You can always use the chat bubble’s preview to see how your customization will appear and function.

Move to the third step after customizing all as of your preferences.

Step-3 Enable Live chat over your website

You must now add your live chat to your website after configuring it. If you have a webmaster who handles the administration of your website, use the email box to automatically send them all the information they need to get you up and running.

(you don’t need to take the hassle for this when Team IHA experts can handle it) 

  1. To get your URL to use when configuring the plugin, click the “Copy” link. 
  2. Log in to your WordPress website’s admin panel. 
  3. Click “Add New” at the top of the page when you are on the “Plugins” page. 
  4. When the “3CX Free Live Chat” result appears, click “Install Now” to begin the installation process. 
  5. Click “3CX Live Chat” in the sidebar once it has been installed.
  6. paste the URL you previously copied. It can be located once more in the “Information” field of the Web Client configuration. 
  7. Use the check boxes below to select specific pages, or check the box to display the chat on all pages. Click “Save Changes” to finish.

The WordPress plugin will only support one Live Chat URL per website as of right now. Support for multiple chat bubbles will be made available soon. If multiple Live Chat options are needed then simply paste the various code snippets into the pages you need.

For Non-WordPress Sites:

  1. You can copy the HTML code from the Web Client if you don’t have WordPress. 
  2. Put the code in each of your individual web pages before the /body> tag.

Don’t worry as Team IHA stands for I Have Answer and do what it says, our experts will assist you till it is installed properly to any error you might face. Still have doubts regarding the live chat or its installation process or if you are facing an error get in touch with Team IHA and get it fixed immediately. Team IHA experts are well-trained software engineers who know what their job is. 

Let’s break down the process and comprehend;

How does it work for agents?


All agents who are a part of the queue designated to handle chat messages will see the notification appear in the chat window whichever client they are using as soon as a visitor starts a conversation. Until someone takes ownership by pressing the “Take” button, any agent can participate in the conversation and see what is being said. The conversation will now belong exclusively to this person, and other agents will no longer be able to access it.


A chat can be forwarded to another agent to handle if a customer question or support request is outside the agent’s knowledge base or area of expertise. To do this, click “Transfer” and choose the agent to whom the chat should be transferred. The customer won’t have to repeat themselves after a chat has been moved because the new agent will still be able to see the previous chat history.


The conversation can be easily marked archived if no response is coming from the customer and the customer has become unresponsive, or the chat needs to be kept for the future.

3CX Live Chat Features

More companies, regardless of size or industry, are leveraging live chat. No matter what platform or CMS a website is built on, 3CX has created a live chat solution to make adding a plugin simple.

Chat Customization

There are numerous features and customization options available once the initial 3CX Live Chat extension has been set up and connected to a 3CX phone system (or even as a standalone software solution). Following your preferences, you can select:

  • Which pages display the chat bubble
  • Logos & Avatars
  • The first form fields for visitors to complete (e.g. Name only, email, name, and email or none)
  • actions after hours to make sure visitors are aware of whether or not agents are on duty.
  • Color styling, including three template styles and a full-color customization
  • Languages

3CX Phone System Features

(from live chat to live call)

Website visitors can chat with agents in real-time and switch to a live call or video call with just one click thanks to the integration of Live Chat with our phone system, which eliminates the need to dial any phone numbers. The 3CX Web Client, Windows Desktop App, or mobile app can be used by the same agent to answer calls right away from their extension, ensuring smooth call flow.

SMS & Facebook Integration

Live Chat offers all the customization and features a user could desire. Multiple communication channels are supported by 3CX. It is possible to integrate Facebook Messenger and business SMS into 3CX to give agents a single window through which to communicate with all customers, regardless of how they choose to contact the company.

Additional Features;

  • Google analytics integration – The chat bubble and greeting message interactions between website visitors can be tracked and reported by admins, which works to help increase conversion rates.
  • Chat Reports – To find out how many chat sessions have been started, answered, and abandoned, Live Chat includes the ability to run reports. The reports could run only when a 3CX phone must be linked.
  • Sales & support – Before starting a chat, visitors can choose which department they want to speak with.
  • Agents Transferring and Assigning – A group of agents may receive chat messages, and any one of them may choose to “take” the chat and handle it. The chat can be moved to another agent while keeping the previous chat transcript if the visitor requires more experienced assistance. No matter their level of technical expertise, anyone can integrate instant messaging and support right into their website using 3CX Live Chat. Implementing specific business rules for managing conversation timing is easy, and customization is intuitive. Conversion rates and visitor satisfaction will be guaranteed by visitors having the option to convert the chat into a live call inside the browser.

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Frequently Asked Question

How does live chat work?

A website can implement live chat by installing an integration, plugin, or module that enables users to communicate with agents in real-time. Visitors to a website can open a live chat session by going to the “Contact Us” page, and some websites also offer pop-ups that encourage interaction. The chat messages are sent to the individual or group of individuals using a web browser or a standalone piece of installed software.

What is Live Chat?

Through the use of live chat, website visitors can initiate an instant messaging conversation with a company representative. It enables you to respond to inquiries about your products quickly, address issues more quickly, and reassure your clients that you will be there for them whenever they need you.

Why do companies use it?

A survey estimates that 73% of customers find live chat to be the most effective way to communicate with a business. According to the same survey, 44% of online shoppers believe that one of the most crucial features a website can provide is the ability to speak with a live person while making an online purchase.

How to install live chat functionally in WordPress?

Download the WordPress plugin and install it then follow the instructions, but installing it might seem simple. But it is a complex task and if not installed properly one can face several issues and errors which can lead to huge losses. But don’t worry as Team IHA got your back experts here not only got your back but would assist you from installing to any error with its free lifetime support. 

What is a chatbot?

Before the chat session is transferred to a human agent, a chatbot can greet users and gather some basic customer information. They range in complexity and use AI to deliver personalized responses. Some can provide the website visitor with account-related information, while others let them know where they stand in the queue.

Is live chat for large businesses?

Any size of business can use live chat. Live chat is a fantastic alternative for those who dislike talking on the phone. All businesses can benefit from the 3CX Live Chat plugin’s ability to drive growth and convert sales leads because it is free.

Does live chat only allow messaging?

Website visitors can chat with agents in real time and switch to a live call or video call with just one click thanks to the integration of live chat with the 3CX phone system. This eliminates the need to dial any phone number.

Do I need an agent available 24/7?

The option to set up agent schedules to allow for 24/7 coverage of customer inquiries is available to many larger companies with a global presence. Smaller companies without those resources can set up an offline form to let customers know there isn’t an agent on duty. Visitors may be asked to leave their contact information so that someone can reach them during regular business hours.

Can live chat be added to any websites?

Indeed, and it’s surprisingly simple. Nowadays, every company is required to have a website, but that doesn’t mean that every company has access to skilled programmers to create the site. Because of this, organizations like Squarespace, Wix, Drupal, and Joomla provide web hosting services. Anyone can build a website thanks to how simple they make it. simplified the process by making it as easy as copying and pasting a code “snippet” that is generated automatically when creating or signing up for a live chat link.

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