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3CX’S Bronze Partner in 9 months

We are pleased to announce that Team IHA has achieved Bronze Partner status and 3CX Solution Providers at 3CX in just a short span of time of only 9 months

The status of the solution provider further enhances the delivery of Team IHA’s USP and 3CX services to distribution channels and partners who are already using it. This allows partners to upgrade their 3CX partner status while leveraging the unique features developed by Team IHA to run in parallel with 3CX products. Includes the ability to store 3CX call recordings in AWS storage buckets, or additional call control features that are overlaid on 3CX and white label billing services.  

Team IHA – A one-stop solution for Business Communications

Team IHA also has certified SIP trunks and conducted rigorous interoperability testing with 3CX to be seamless to our customers. We are trying to provide an experience. With a dedicated technical support team with 3CX Intermediate Engineer certification, Team IHA can be an asset for your business to provide the best possible support services for the 3CX platform.

It provides self-service portal access to manage  SIP trunks for channel expansion, local phone number purchases, toll free numbers, simultaneous call capacity monitoring, number of calls per second, and estimated call rate/usage. We are a one-stop solution for cloud communications. If you also want to create an effective communication mode for your business then get in touch with the best cloud communication service provider. 


Aman Nick

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