New 3CX v18 SP4 : The Receptionist View

What’s new?

With 3CX systems becoming more and more adept every day, Update 4 now adds a new ‘Receptionist’ View in the web client for easier access to team statuses. Other much-improved functions also include better live chat functions, improved sound quality, scheduling and much more!

The Receptionist View

Phone system users who have been assigned a ‘Receptionist’ role, can currently see extensions listed under the respective groups. Not only does it make the user experience highly enriching but it is also a time saver, so before transferring calls, the receptionist can immediately see who is accessible within each group or department. The feature can be accessed from the ‘Panel’ in the Web Client.

Improved App Audio Quality

Significant changes have been made to the interactions of inbuilt tunnels and RTP packets! The same leads the system to prioritize RTP Streams for the 3CX Mobile app, augmenting the same for improving audio quality.

Best in class Live Chat

Users of the Standard, PRO and Enterprise packages of 3CX phone systems can now use the newly bettered live chat features that are usually available with the StartUP package. Furthermore, updates like faster website loading time and simplified WordPress website configuration coupled with more chat bubble setting options are coming up in Update 6.

You must update the WP plugin, change the configuration for your live chat, and erase the previous settings in order to update it. Keep in mind, though, that not all configuration settings are now accessible through the Management Console (language). Check this blog out for a detailed step-by-step procedure on how to update.


Now, users have the choice to create their own schedules. People can designate their availability by either accepting the default company office hours or by creating their own specific office and break times by going to “Settings > Status > Status Scheduler.” Group managers will also be able to configure their office department status with Update 5. To manage other users, managers will be given access to an “Office Settings” option on the Web Client. Administrators will also be able to change the status scheduler options for all users and modify the office hours as they are managers of a default group.

Furthermore, you can now schedule your updates in a monthly fashion. In addition to the currently available daily and weekly choices, automatic updates to your 3CX instance can now be programmed to run on a monthly basis. Once activated, the initial “check” for updates will take place on the following day that is chosen (e.g. Enabled on Friday, the system will check for & run available updates on Sunday). The updating procedure will then be carried out on the first chosen day of each month.

How to Download the V18 Update 4?

The new update is available for download on Windows and Linux on Debian 10 ISO and Current version 18 users can upgrade to the latest update from the Management Console. Get in touch for a smoother business communication so that your clients can get 24/7 support services and a lot other things.


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