Founder & CEO

Meet the man and thought behind Team IHA- Aman. The Founder & CEO of the organization, Aman has his feet dipped in simply everything. He breathes and lives his work and is an expert in Business Process Outsourcing, Internet & Telecom, E-Commerce, Software Development, Web Development, Tech Sales & Affiliate Marketing.

In the 7 years of IHA, he has worked passionately to bring the organization to a strong standing and have its presence acknowledged globally. An engine which rarely runs out of oil, Aman is a provocative leader who prefers to generate thinking, planning and action among his teammates. With 17 years of cross industry experience, Aman has extensively explored, worked, and aced most of his undertakings. After dropping out of B.Com, Aman went ahead and received his certifications in digital marketing from Google, MICA, a diploma from NIIT, Retail sales and became a partner with 3CX. A movie, music buff & a traveler at heart Aman has been to 10 different countries across the world and loves to defeat his friends at play-station.