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About 3CX

The connectivity of a business, both internally and with its clients, is one of the key foundations for its success in a fast-paced world. In light of the pandemic, this connectivity is now more important than ever. The jargon of activities that depend on a company’s communication systems is a make-it-or-break-it factor, from inter-telecommunication AQ to customer service. In spite of all the difficulties, 3CX is a true saviour. With 3CX’s communication solutions, one can feel secure knowing that their business communications, both internally and with its clients, are in good hands. 

Why 3CX?

Since the 3CX phone system is entirely software-based, it is considerably easier to use than hardware-based phone systems since it can simply scale up with more phones and lines as the business expands without being constrained by the quirks of a hardware-based system. Even smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems are compatible with 3CX’s PBX phone systems, keeping up with the times! The phone system is simple to deploy on an existing server, and it can even employ hardware virtualization software like VMware or Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Coupled with the same, in light of 3CX’s 24×7 customer care service businesses can be sure that can get any queries resolved in the quickest manner possible. 

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3CX’s New package plans

While treading the path of growth, businesses always encounter various needs and requirements. 3CX’s highly customisable PBX phone system packages are right there to support growing businesses with all they need to reach their ultimate potential. 3CX’s packages for its phone systems are highly tailorable as per need and can cater to nearly every business out in the market. 3CX has launched four of its much-awaited start-up-oriented packs with varying levels of features and quirks. The same are:

PackagePrice Range(varies on basis of the number of users)Time Period
Start-up Free $0Forever
Start-up Pro$150 to $250Per Annum
Dedicated Standard(Free for First Year)
$375 to $1295
Per Annum
Dedicated Pro$245 to $1695Per Annum
Dedicated Enterprise$285 to $1975Per Annum

The number of user chart and features as per pricing can be accessed here.

With 3CX’s belief in supporting start-ups and being a part of their journey of growth, 3CX has brought to people the ‘Start-up Free’ and the ‘Start-up Pro’ package for 3CX’s phone systems, in light of these packages a business gets all the features required for a Start-up to call demarcate the sky as the limit for its growth!

Start-up Free PackageStart-up Pro Package
✔ All data being hosted on the Cloud
✔ One inbound number
✔ One ring group
✔ One auto attendant
✔ 3CX Talk & Meet Links
✔ Live Chat
✔ Team Messaging
;✔ Mobile & Desktop Apps
✔ Video Conferencing (Up to 25 Participants). 
All features of Start-up Package
✔ Choosing own SIP trunk
✔ Multi-Level IVR
✔ Call Queues
✔ Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
✔ Voicemail – To – Text
✔ Holiday & Business hours routing
✔ Call & Chat reporting
✔ Listen In, Whisper, Barge In
✔ Integrated Fax Server;
✔ Facebook Messaging Integration

Furthermore, if a business is at a buoyant point and wants to expand further, 3CX’s ‘Dedicated Packages’ are the perfect tools for the same! 3CX’s ‘Dedicated Standard Package’, ‘Dedicated Pro Package’ and ‘Dedicated Enterprise Package’ will have any business backed with its robust services with a host of features.

Dedicated StandardDedicated Pro PackageDedicated Enterprise Package

Hosted by 3CX in a dedicated instance
✔ Hosted in your private cloud: Amazon, Google, Azure
✔ Choose own SIP Trunk
✔ Auto Attendant
✔ Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
✔ Integrated Fax Server
✔ Video Conferencing (Up to 25 participants)
✔ Live Chat
✔ Facebook Integration
✔ Headset Integration
✔ Call logging
All features of the Dedicated Standard Package
✔ Dedicated Hosted Instance*
✔ CRM Integration
✔ MS 365 Integration
✔ Call Recording
✔ Hot Desking
✔ Video Conferencing (Up to 100 participants).
All features of Dedicated Pro Package
✔ MS Teams Integration
✔ Skill-Based Routing
✔ Start/Stop Call Recording Rights
✔ Video Conferencing (Up to 250 Participants)
✔ Custom IP Phone Logo. 

*Hosting Cost Included

With more than 600,000 businesses using 3CX’s phone system globally, which adds up to more than twelve million daily users, the company’s phone systems are well-known in a variety of industries. 

In an ever-changing world, from physical appearances to virtual meetings and then to hybrid workspaces, 3CX’s offerings are a need of the hour for any business that wants to attain its utmost potential, with 3CX’s phone system being the perfect partner for it!


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