3CX Update | New Pricing & Hosting | Beneficial for the businesses or not?

Since the introduction of the 3CX Hosting service, it has become a fully mature service and the preferred method of 3CX deployment globally. But some big changes are coming up!

Two months of free hosting

The one-year hosting promotion is coming to an end. It served as a fantastic inducement for clients to join 3CX when it was first started. The existing customers who have already availed of the one-year free hosting service will continue to enjoy the same. From now onwards 3CX shall be offering two months of free hosting with every new subscription.

New Hosting Prices and Partner Margins


There are some tweaks in 3CX’s yearly hosting pricing, leading to an addition of yet another revenue multiplier for 3CX partners. Furthermore, as a gesture of gratitude for spreading the good word about 3CX hosted services, 3CX is increasing partner margins by up to 20% hosting.

End of the much-loved V18 Promo Pricing

The current subscription fees for 3CX take into account the V18 promotional price. Prices in the following currencies will rise as of August 10th, 2022: EUR, CHF, AUD, CAD, and GBP. Renewals of the Standard Edition will rise in all currencies, including the US dollar. In the upcoming weeks, the revised price will be disclosed.

StartUP Sales are starting soon!

3CX is looking forward to releasing StartUP PRO for sale in September 2022. The estimated pricing is mentioned in the following image: 


In light of the same, partner margins for StartUP are up to 35%

Perpetual License

Sales of the new perpetual license won’t be available anymore. For a full year, current customers can exchange their perpetual license for a complimentary annual subscription! Alternately, current customers can keep renewing these licenses for the same cost as the corresponding annual subscription.

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