3CX: An Ultimate Difference Between PBX system and Cloud Telephony

If your business communication tool has a copper network that occupies a lot of space in your office and requires special maintenance, you are using an older legacy PBX system with limited functionality. The good news is that they can be replaced with new, better, and more efficient technologies.  3CX is the ultimate provider of both resources. Business communication ways have changed over time, from letters to texting immediately. Such are 3CX cloud telephony and PBX system.

Cloud Telephony is a new communication technology that uses VoIP. The server system is in the provider’s data center, not in the office. It does not have to be physically present on the premises and there is no additional maintenance cost. With cloud telephony, voice and data are sent over the Internet, and third-party providers such as 3CX host the infrastructure. 

Who are we? We are Team IHA LLP and we are a designated Bronze partner with 3CX, providing 24/7 customer support services, Free technical support services, a dedicated account manager, and an in-house cloud telephony system.

Cloud telephony service providers can offer a variety of services that businesses access through a user-friendly interface on the Internet. If you’re new to the concept of cloud telephony and wondering how it can help your business, read our blog to get a better understanding of what cloud telephony is. The following list of the main differences between cloud telephony and traditional PBX systems: 


Cloud Telephony allows you to monitor and manage all communications within your organization across multiple regions and departments on a single screen. Advanced features such as post-call surveys and analytics reports in 3CX allow you to track the individual performance of each employee in your department. 


Whether it’s installation or maintenance,  you spend minimal money on cloud telephony compared to on-premises PBX machines. It is cost-effective and has no initial cost because it does not require a physical presence. Second, the infrastructure is hosted by the provider, so there are no maintenance costs. The best part is that switching to this service can save you money and invest in your business growth. 



Adding phones and channels is easy and requires no additional investment. As your business grows, you don’t have to think about the effectiveness of your communication tools. Cloud Telephony is designed to meet all the conditions your business may face. 3CX helps you increase or decrease any number, extension, or location within the tool whenever you need it. 


Trust cloud telephony in adverse situations such as power outages and natural disasters. The infrastructure is hosted on the service provider’s premises and takes great care to provide smooth service through backups, reducing confidence doubts. 3CX provides customers with continuous, uninterrupted service so they can be contacted when they need it. 


Cloud Telephony gives you the freedom to communicate with your customers from any device with internet access, such as your smartphone or tablet. You can call wherever you are and serve your customers efficiently. 3CX provides a user-friendly interface to help you interact, record, and analyze on one platform i.e. why it is considered to be the best PBX system provider worldwide.


The immense benefits of cloud telephony work are astounding for businesses by automating the process of communicating with customers, minimizing staff costs, and analyzing employee performance 360 ​​degrees, it is ultimately better than the PBX system. 3CX provides end-to-end cloud telephony services to help small businesses and large enterprises reach their goals by creating happy and loyal customers. Get in touch with Team IHA for all kinds of services in the entire software lifecycle. 


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