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2000 Websites Hacked

2000 Websites Hacked: Cyber War against India

India’s Cyber-Security at sake?

Ahmedabad’s cybercrime unit, along with Interpol, asks the Malaysian and Indonesian governments to look for two hacking groups, Dragon Force Malaysia and Hacktivist Indonesia, allegedly launching a cyber war with India after the Nupur Sharma incident. According to police, the group attacked more than 2,000 websites after the incident. They also appealed to Islamic hackers around the world to also do the same after 2000 websites hacked.

Ahmedabad Cybercrime has sent letters to the Malaysian and Indonesian governments and Interpol, seeking notification from both groups. Several cyber-attacks occurred after the episode. In the case when the Pakistani flag flashed on the screen during a live broadcast of the Assam news channel. The official police websites of Thane and Andhra Pradesh were also hacked in the attack. 

Distress in the government

Cybercriminals also reportedly disseminated personal information such as the address of the identified BJP spokesperson, Aadhaar card, and PAN card details. A large-scale controversy broke out over Nupur Sharma’s derogatory remarks to the Prophet Mohammed. 

New Delhi drew diplomatic flakes as the BJP suspended spokesmen over comments, while several Islamic countries blamed the comments. However, the government argued that Sharma had no official position and that her comments were not in New Delhi’s stated position.

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